Do you provide online or classroom drivers ED courses?

At this time we do not offer this service but we will be expanding soon.

Should I book my test before I book my last lesson?

We recommend that you book your last lesson prior to booking your test. You should book your last lesson a month prior to your eligibility date to ensure you receive your 6-hour completion certificate.

When should I book the next lesson?

Typically you should allow 2-3 weeks prior to the date you want the next lesson.

How much practice should I have between lessons?

The DMV requires a minimum of 50 hours or 6 months of behind-the-wheel training before the road test can be taken. Regardless if you are a teen or an adult, practice is the key to success. We ask that you get 8-10 hours of behind-the-wheel training between the first and second lessons. The remaining hours should be completed between the second and third lessons.

Can I drive before my permit is activated?

No. You must drive with a licensed drive instructor prior to driving with your parent.

Can a parent ride along during a drive lesson?

We do not allow parents to ride along with students during their drive lesson. Learning to drive can be difficult for the first-time driver. Having a parent in the backseat adds to the stress, not to mention it can be stressful for the parent as well.

How much training will I need?

Everyone learns at a different rate so the amount of professional training will vary. The DMV requires a minimum of 6 hours behind the wheel with a licensed instructor. We offer a basic 6 hour and an 8-hour driving course. If you need more lessons you may purchase more at any time.