Driving Course Summary and Prices

Online Drivers Education Course:

In order to receive a California learners permit, anyone between the ages of 15 1/2 through 17 1/2 needs to complete a DMV-approved drivers education course. We offer a convenient online course that can be done online and at your own pace. Once you have completed the course you will receive the certificate of completion which you will need in order to receive your CA learners permit. 


Basic Driver Course Package: Minimum 6 hour requirement for license


Three, 2 hours behind the wheel lessons which cover:

City driving, mountain driving (depending on the location), parking, reversing, three-point turns, defensive driving, introduction to freeway, and preparation for the DMV driving test.

This is a fully comprehensive course designed to help students become safe defensive drivers. Our course focuses on scanning the road for dangerous hazards, SMS (signal mirror shoulder), and all requirements to pass the behind-the-wheel driving test.

8 hour Extended Freeway Course Package


6-hour basic driver training plus a two-hour lesson devoted to the freeway and defensive driving.

This course includes the items listed for the basic course plus an extra 2-hour freeway lesson. The freeway lesson focuses on merging onto different freeways, entering and exiting, changing lanes, and scanning for road hazards. This package is enough practice time for most students to become well versed in all aspects of beginner driving.

Available freeways: 17, 85, 92, 101, 237, 280 and 880

DMV Test: One hour pre-test preparation & DMV Road Test


California Driver Academy will take you to the DMV road test and provide you with a vehicle for the exam.

The Course includes a 1-hour brush-up lesson prior to the road test, helping students calm pre-test nerves and sharpen student performance.

Please note that we set aside 3 hours for this package and therefore should be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance.

Need help setting up an appointment? Call our office and we can help you book an appointment with the DMV.

We currently only service the Redwood City and the San Mateo DMV areas.

Hourly Rates For Behind the Wheel Training

1 Hour

A 1-hour private session is ideal for students who need a quick brush-up on their driving.


2 Hour

Not sure where to start? Sign up for a 2-hour session where our certified instructors can evaluate your driving. You have the option to upgrade to either the 6 or 8-hour package from a regular 2-hour lesson within 30 days, just pay the difference.


2 Hour Freeway lesson 

2-hour course dedicated to the freeway and defensive driving which includes:

Entering and exiting the freeway, lane changing, merging lanes, and changing junctions.

Available freeways: 17, 85, 92, 101, 237, 280 and 880

Please note: Half of the lesson is dedicated to freeway driving. The remaining half is used to re-acclimate the student to city driving after driving at high speeds for an extended period of time and for defensive driving.